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“My chimney looks good on the outside”
Most chimneys venting gas furnaces and hot water heaters may appear in good condition on the outside of your home. But the interior can be a completely different story. Chimneys built before the 1940’s were not designed for venting today’s more energy efficient heating systems.

Now let’s take a look at what really counts”
If you look inside the same chimney you can see how acid-laden residue from the furnace has attacked the flue inside your chimney. The old clay liner has eroded and pieces are now missing. If you take an even closer look you may see the mortar and bricks are loose and cracking allowing moisture to seep through the interior walls of your home.

With continued use without repair more erosion will take place leading to leak’s in the flue or even complete flue blockage. When this occurs POISIONOUS gases such as CARBON MONOXIDE and SULFUR DIOXIODE will be able to seep through the walls of your chimney, entering your home, causing illness or even death to the home’s occupants.

When the flue deteriorates, these deadly gases can sneak through even the smallest crack in your chimney walls. In severe cases the deterioration can lead to partial or even complete internal collapse blocking the flue and pushing the poisonous gases directly into the home.

“What can I do to prevent this from happening to my home?”
Revitalizing your chimney with a chimney relining system is your answer! These liners were specifically designed to resist corrosive flue acids. A liner is a barrier between the flue gases and the cracks in the chimney walls. Relining your chimney will ensure the safety of your home and family and will also allow your heating system to operate more efficiently. ALL chimney liners installed by HEATSPAN are a high quality and dependable product that comes with a LIFE TIME warranty. HEATSPANS Technicians are qualified to install any shape, size, and design of your chimney. Call Today, To Ensure Your Family, A WARM And SAFE Winter.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use a chimney liner?
The number one reason for using a chimney liner is to correct any problems within your existing masonry chimney. Any chimneys that are unsafe are in VIOLATION of the NATIONAL FIRE PROTECTION ASSOCIATIONS code 211. Your chimney becomes unsafe due to deterioration, moisture damage or eroded mortar joints. Secondly, installing a chimney liner improves the efficiency of your heating system by correcting the flue size to match the system it serves. This will also reduce fuel consumption and ensure consistent operation of your home heating unit.

How does installing a chimney liner save me money?
Installing a liner helps you save money by increasing the amount of usable heat for your home that is generated by each BTU of fuel burned. More heat is generated in the home instead of going up the chimney.

How does a chimney Liner protect my chimney?
1. The Flex Liner will contain the vented gases which ordinarily would react with moisture and damage the inside of your chimney.
2. Flex Liners also reduce the size of your chimney opening, requiring less heat to exhaust the fumes and prevents moisture build up.

Why is moisture hazardous to my chimney?
Over time moisture reacts with the exhaust gases, forming acid which causes corrosion and decay of bricks, mortar, and clay liners. Also during the cold winter months moisture that has crept into the cracks of your chimney will now freeze due to cold temperatures, and expands, increasing the size of the once small crack causing pieces of your chimney to break loose and crumble. Moisture can also leak back into your heating unit causing it to rust or erode.

If my old chimney is in bad condition, can I still install a chimney liner in it?
Absolutely! A slightly different procedure will have to take place. First, the chimney will be cleaned of all loose and potentially flammable debris. Any cracked, loose, or missing tiles or bricks will be replaced. And then a liner will be installed.

How do I know if I need a stainless steel chimney liner or an aluminum chimney liner?
Stainless steel liners are usually used with oil and wood burning heating units. Aluminum is used with gas fired heating systems, where flue temperatures are lower and corrosive gases are found less.

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